L. V. Dohnt and Company is one of Australia’s largest infield chipping and logging Companies. L. V. Dohnt and Company is a privately owned Company with the main production service areas in the south-east of South Australia, Western Victoria and the Great Southern Region of Western Australian.


Lawrence Victor Dohnt founded the Company in 1932 and was one of the first logging contractors for the Woods and Forests Department at Bundaleer in South Australia’s north. Following initiation of a second contract, Lawrence moved his family and the Company to the South East of South Australia supplying logs from thinnings to a temporary mill at Penola and then onto supplying the Nangwarry Sawmill in 1940.


Almost 80 years ago Lawrence laid the foundations of a family tradition that continues on today with fourth generation family members committed to the business and spreading the personal and intimate composition of values that filters amongst all members of the L. V. Dohnt and Company employee team.